Goodbye England

I wrote this post a couple of days before I flew back to South Africa. In hindsight – 24 hours of travelling sucks.


Chasing the sun from London to Dubai to Cape Town

As my time back home in England draws to a close and I start to say all of my goodbyes I am constantly reminded that I am using borrowed time. I was initially meant to fly out last Saturday but as fate would have it, the roads towards the airport were completely grid-locked and I ended up missing my flight by an hour. Nonetheless my mother and I went to the airport to see what we could do. The very nice lady at the Emirates desk told us that as it was Ramadan in the Middle East (and my flight goes via Dubai) all of the flights to South Africa were completely full until the 24th. A week and a bit later then I intended to head back. As glad as I was to spend some more precious time with family and friends in sunny England I am all too aware that this time comes at a price. My time in South Africa is drawing to a rapid close. Once I graduate from Red and Yellow I will be left with a decision about whether to start my career in glorious South Africa or prestigious London. I am fortunate enough to have both passports so I can come and go as I please. I always hoped that I would come to South Africa, get back in touch with my roots and then at the end of my course my dream job would present itself… But what if it doesn’t? Well if it doesn’t then I will hop on a plane and my great South African adventure will be over, for now. My point being that we think that we have all of the time in the world. My generation in particular seems to think that we will be in our 20’s forever. While this attitude suggests that we want to party forever, it is detrimental to the carpe diem attitude that we should have. So often at university friends would complain about writing essays and studying for exams claiming that they couldn’t wait to get out of education and into the real world. The ‘real world? ’ We are in it my friends! Every single day is another day in the real world, it’s a journey, a lesson, another chance. We need to stop wishing for tomorrows and living in the memory of yesterday. Now is absolutely our time to shine. Particularly as a Local Tourist, there is no time to do that thing that you wanted to do tomorrow. Do it today! I get to spend another amazing week at home but I’m losing an amazing week in South Africa. So this weekend I am heading into London to try and do every single thing that London can offer me in this glorious weather and as soon as I touch down in Cape Town you can bet that I am going to soak up every opportunity that comes my way. I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter where we are living there are amazing experiences to be had all year round. We need to make the most of these incredible opportunities that are on our doorsteps.


My goodbye committee 

I have been back in South Africa for 2 weeks and I have most definitely embraced my second semester. I did a Lion’s head trail, went to the wine festival Grape Day Out in Stellenbosch, saw local South African band P.H. fat launch their new album, tried lots of new amazing coffee shops, but most eye-opening and awesome of all – I got to go on a township tour (blog post to follow). Hello Cape Town! Thank you for welcoming me back, it’s good to be in my home away from home.


The view of Table Mountain from my apartment 

4 thoughts on “Goodbye England

  1. Rach

    Thanks for really making me think about how precious time is! We all take it for granted and forget to actually live our lives to the fullest. We should all take up the advice to ‘do one thing every day that scares you’. So happy to hear about the awesome things you have been up to recently… especially the Lion’s head trail – very cool Sax!

  2. Marilyn Goodwin

    Miss you so much my Darling but am behind you in everything you do, see and experience and know that your family loves you and thinks you are the best Love Momxxxx

  3. Jenna Corker

    ‘My generation in particular seems to think that we will be in our 20’s forever’- this is so true! Inspiring words and such a lovely read!

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